AWS Re:Invent messaging announcements

Today at Amazon re:Invent both Amazon MQ and Confluent Cloud were announced

I’m at Amazon re:Invent in Las Vegas this week, and it has been an overwhelming experience so far. Not only have I passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam this morning, but there have already been some exciting announcements as well.

Today 2 announcements were made that are perfectly timed: Amazon MQ and Confluent Cloud on AWS. Amazon MQ is a managed managed message broker service that is available today as a native AWS service, and will be a very popular option I think. Lots of companies - my current client being one of them - have existing JMS or AMQP brokers in place, and this new offering should be a drop-in replacement that is fully managed, including IAM support for authentication and authorization, auto scaling and CloudWatch integration.

Confluent Cloud is basically Kafka as a Service, and it is now available on AWS. At my current client we have been doing some investigation into Kinesis, and to be honest, the only reason we did is because we wanted to avoid having to set up and manage a Kafka cluster ourselves. With this offering we may have the opportunity to choose for Kafka, and benefit from the whole ecosystem around it, such as Spring Cloud Stream support!

Tomorrow morning is the main keynote by Andy Jassy. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us. Managed Kubernetes perhaps?